Help for Business Owners with Insurance Claims Related to COVID-19 – Free Policy Review


Restaurants, hairdressers, movie theaters, gyms, and many other retail establishments are all suffering substantial economic losses as a result of shelter in place orders issued by the government. Adding insult to injury is the fact that many of these businesses have been denied economic loss claims from their insurance providers. The Indianapolis Business Journal reported in April that several local businesses are battling insurance providers over denied claims. Some of the insurers are arguing the COVID-19 pandemic is not an insurable event. But, does that really mean that insurance is not a viable option for financial relief?

What can a business do if it is denied an insurance claim for losses due to coronavirus?

The first step a business should take with a denied claim is to seek legal assistance. An attorney can review the policy along with the denial and explain legal rights and options with the business owner. The attorney can also represent the interests of the business owner to the insurance company and seek to negotiate a fair settlement.

Legal help for businesses with denied insurance claims

Cohen & Malad, LLP lawyers have experience advocating for businesses ranging in scale from startups to Fortune 500 firms. Our attorneys are available to help Indiana business owners navigate the challenges created by the pandemic and can provide you with a free review of your business interruption coverage. Contact us to schedule a call or video conference to discuss your claim.