Cohen & Malad, LLP has obtained a list of the gas stations that sold the contaminated BP gas from the Indiana Attorney General. Since August 20th, repeated requests have been made to BP and the Attorneys General of Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin to furnish a list of the affected gas stations.

BP has continued to refuse to provide a complete list of the affected gas stations and instead provided a searchable data base on its website. Consumers have complained that this data base is difficult to search as it requires the user to enter information such as address or city to locate the affected stations and only provides limited information.

Irwin Levin, managing partner of Cohen & Malad, LLP was able to obtain the attached listing of affected gas stations after direct conversation with the Indiana Attorney General’s office in response to previous written requests. The Attorney General’s office did state that this is a preliminary list and was unable to provide dates of when the contaminated fuel was sold.

Cohen & Malad, LLP has filed a class action lawsuit in United States District Court in Hammond, Indiana against BP Corporation North America, Inc. and BP Products North America, Inc. to recover damages for thousands of consumers who purchased contaminated gasoline and suffered engine damage.

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