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Whether you’re trying to hold on to a hard-fought legal victory or trying to turn the tide in your favor, an appeal can be a crucial part of your case, our Indianapolis appellate law lawyers can help.

Because the deadline to appeal in most courts is very short, thirty days or less, effective representation of a party appealing a judgment should begin the day judgment is entered, and perhaps even earlier. For parties resisting appeal, the representation should begin as soon as it becomes apparent that the other party is likely to appeal, which could be when judgment is entered, or when the other party files post-judgment motions indicating a likely appeal.

To guide you and your case through the often complex and difficult appellate arena, Cohen & Malad’s Business Litigation, Class Action and appellate law attorneys combine to conduct the firm’s appellate practice. Cohen & Malad’s Indianapolis attorneys have more than 60 years’ combined appellate experience, and have handled more than 130 appeals. They call on that experience to assess your chances on appeal, and to maximize those chances. Cohen & Malad’s Indianapolis appellate law lawyers have briefed and argued cases in federal and state appellate courts at all levels, including the United States Supreme Court.

Experienced Indianapolis Appellate Law Lawyers

Cohen & Malad’s representation of clients on appeal can involve working closely with counsel who tried the case, or can be independent of trial counsel, depending on client preferences. Cohen & Malad handles appeals in personal injury and medical malpractice, family law, business litigation, environmental law, employment law, real estate, and state and federal constitutional law.

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