The Federal District Court of New Jersey has appointed attorney Ned Mulligan as co-lead counsel for plaintiffs in coordinated litigation against the manufacturer of Strattice hernia mesh. The court appointed attorney Jonathan Knoll to the Plaintiff Executive Committee as the Discovery Chair in the same litigation.

Attorneys Mulligan and Knoll were previously appointed to leadership roles in a Multi-County Litigation (MCL) consolidated in Atlantic City, New Jersey for injury claims involving Strattice hernia mesh. For the MCL, Mulligan is the Litigation Liaison Counsel and Knoll is the Co-Lead Counsel for Plaintiffs.

Knoll has previously served in leadership roles on behalf of plaintiffs in In Re: Consolidated Fresenius Cases (Granuflo) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Middlesex County, MICV2013-3400-O, and in the Gilead Tenofovir Cases consolidated in San Francisco Superior Court. Mulligan currently serves as a court-appointed member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in the Gilead Tenofovir Cases, consolidated in San Francisco Superior Court, where he also serves as co-chair of the discovery committee, and the multi-district litigation involving the drug Zofran, venued in federal court in Boston, Massachusetts.

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