A recent New York Times article highlights the concern over all metal hip replacement devices such as the one made by the DePuy division of Johnson & Johnson. There has been a surge of failures of these devices within the first six months of this year. The issue surrounding the use of these devices concerns the metal particles that may be released into the surrounding tissue and bloodstream. High levels of metal in the blood pose a threat to patients and can kill tissue and muscle in the surrounding area.

Problems with the device occur as a result of the product wearing down or components loosening or becoming misaligned. Possible side effects include infection, bone fractures, bone staining, necrosis, swelling, dislocation, nerve damage, tissue damage, muscle damage, metal sensitivity, increased metal ion levels in the blood and pain.

The first lawsuit against DePuy was filed in June 2010. The patients’ complaints range from the fear of future complications, device failure, or elevated heavy metal in their system to extreme pain due to mass formation, bone loss, and tissue necrosis.
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