Last week, Cohen & Malad, LLP sent notices of tort claims to Indiana state and local government agencies for failing to alert purchasers of thousands of homes in Indiana that the homes were former meth labs.  Indiana law provides for state and local government to provide notice on homes that have been flagged by law enforcement as former meth labs.  Although the Indiana State Police have identified over 3000 former meth labs in Indiana, state and local government agencies failed to tag the properties as dangerous, former meth labs.  As a result, Hoosiers continued to purchase those homes, not knowing that homes must be inspected for the toxic chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine and remediated if any such chemicals are found.  The inspection and remediation costs amount to thousands of dollars per home, which become the responsibility of the current homeowners.

The tort claims notices were sent on behalf of Dr. Adam Davis.  The notices are the first step prior to initiating a class action lawsuit on behalf of the affected homeowners.  If you have questions or would like more information about these claims, please contact Richard Shevitz or Vess Miller at Cohen & Malad, LLP.

Richard spoke with WTHR Channel 13 reporter Bob Segall about this lawsuit. Watch below.

Part 2 of the WTHR Investigation into Toxic Homes: