Cohen & Malad, LLP along with the Dugan Law Firm, APLC, Barrett Law Group, P.A., and Douglas H. Gill & Associates have filed a lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Riddell, Inc., All American Sports Corporation on behalf of all former NCAA football players who suffered concussions leading to long-term serious injury. The lawsuit alleges these football players developed chronic headaches, chronic dizziness or dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and/or other physical and mental problems as a result of these concussions.

The lawsuit claims the NCAA and Riddell, Inc. knew of the risks of brain trauma associated with concussions and failed to take action to protect and educate athletes or address coaching techniques that could lessen the risk of injury. Former student-athletes are seeking damages to pay for the cost of on-going medical care and monitoring for the early detection and diagnosis of any brain-related impairments or conditions that could develop later in life.