Lynn A. Toops, Richard E. Shevitz, Irwin B. Levin, and Vess A. Miller of Cohen & Malad, LLP were named interim lead counsel for plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against Medical Informatics Engineering, Inc. (MIE). The Honorable Robert L. Miller, Jr. appointed Cohen & Malad, LLP as interim lead counsel to coordinate pretrial activities in the Northern District of Indiana.

MIE faces numerous lawsuits after it announced that cyber thieves accessed nearly 3.9 million patient files during a data breach in May 2015. Hackers stole personal information including names, dates of birth, addresses, social security numbers, and protected health information in this attack.

If you received a notice from your doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic advising that your information was compromised, contact us to speak with one of our class action attorneys.