Cohen & Malad, LLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of Aaron Taylor and the family of Julia Wimbush against Lankford Funeral Home and Family Center and Randy Lankford on July 8, 2022. The lawsuit claims Lankford Funeral Home was negligent in providing cremation services following the death of Julia Wimbush on January 19, 2022.

In July 2022, police conducted a search of Lankford Funeral Home and found more than 30 decomposing bodies and cremated remains of numerous bodies. Aaron Taylor and his family were provided a box containing what Lankford Funeral Home represented as Ms. Wimbush’s
ashes in March 2022. After news of the investigation spread, Mr. Taylor and his family made several calls to Lankford Funeral Home to determine whether his mother’s remains were still at the funeral home. Their phone calls have not been returned.

“Randy Lankford and Lankford Funeral Home promised Aaron Taylor and his family that they would treat Julia’s remains with dignity and respect. In light of the ongoing police investigation, all the family knows is that they got a box containing someone’s ashes. Lankford’s conduct in mishandling the remains of so many families’ loved ones is both outrageous and unconscionable.” stated Cohen & Malad, LLP attorney Greg Laker.

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