District Court Judge Jane Magnus Stinson has granted final approval of the settlement of a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of taxi cab drivers against the Town of Speedway. In May 2013, the Speedway Police Department seized licenses from 69 taxi drivers on Indianapolis 500 race day. The drivers filed a lawsuit alleging that when they arrived on Main Street near the speedway, officers seized their taxi operators’ licenses and ordered them to leave the area. The drivers also claim that when they later arrived at the police department to pick up their licenses they received parking tickets of $50.

In settlement of the lawsuit, the Town of Speedway agreed to pay the drivers for their lost income. This settlement will pay drivers approximately $400 in damages.

“This lawsuit not only served to recover lost wages for the taxi cab drivers, it also sent a message to local government that licenses should not be seized. I’m happy these cab drivers got the justice they deserve,” said Lynn Toops of Cohen & Malad, LLP.

In addition to paying damages to these drivers, the Town of Speedway issued a directive to all Speedway police officers and code enforcement officers not to confiscate a taxi cab license from any taxi operator on race day.