Irwin Levin, Managing Partner of Cohen & Malad, LLP spoke with Troy Kehoe of WISHTV8 about a lawsuit his firm filed against the Indiana BMV for overcharging Hoosiers for their driver’s licenses. The class action lawsuit was filed on Thursday March 7, 2013, on behalf of all Indiana residents under the age of 75 who purchased an Indiana driver’s license from 2007 to the date of the lawsuit. The complaint alleges the Indiana BMV overcharged Hoosiers tens of millions of dollars in fees.

Levin explained to Kehoe that the class action seeks to have the State of Indiana repay licensed drivers who were overcharged. The amount residents overpaid varies based on the type of license that was purchased (4-year, 5-year, or 6- year license). Watch the interview for more information about this lawsuit and the impact that it may have on Hoosiers. [The interview video has since been removed from the original source.]