Cohen & Malad, LLP recently settled its second antitrust case dealing with the Ready-Mixed concrete industry. In re Ready-Mixed Concrete Antitrust Litigation, United States District Court for the Northern District of Iowa, Case No. C10-4038-MWB involved a price-fixing conspiracy among several suppliers of ready-mixed concrete sold to thousands of clients.

Perhaps what makes this case so remarkable is the commentary and praise provided by Mark Bennett, U.S. District Court judge for the Northern District of Iowa. The Indianapolis Business Journal discussed the case with Irwin Levin, managing partner at Cohen & Malad, LLP and shared some of Hon. Judge Bennett’s remarks

“In more than 36 years of lawyering and judging, I have never been prouder to be a lawyer/judge than when I observed the lawyers in this case plying their chosen craft.  This case has been to me what it was like when I stood before daVinci’s Mona Lisa and Michaelangelo’s David, observing the great masters’ works.  I was overcome with a rare and gargantuan sense of awe that will likely last a lifetime.”

In the interview, Levin mentioned that this case shared some interesting similarities with a class action filed in 2004 against several Ready-Mixed concrete suppliers in the state of Indiana.

For over 25 years, Cohen & Malad, LLP has served as class counsel in numerous state, national, and international cases. The firm has successfully litigated a wide range of matters such as representing Holocaust survivors against Swiss Banks, aggrieved plaintiffs in regional consumer fraud actions and serving on executive committees in multi-district and international litigation. In addition, the firm has held leadership positions in national cases against drug manufacturers and medical device manufacturers.