On March 7, 2013, Cohen & Malad, LLP filed a class action in the Marion Superior Court before the Honorable Thomas Carroll against the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles to recover tens of millions of dollars of overcharges the BMV collected from Hoosier drivers for obtaining driver’s licenses for the last six years. The class action lawsuit alleges the BMV unlawfully charged Indiana residents tens of millions of dollars above the amount permitted by Indiana law.

“Hoosiers’ ability to drive their cars cannot be held hostage to arbitrary fees imposed by the BMV. The BMV does not have the authority to charge fees at its discretion. In some instances, Indiana drivers were overcharged as much as $7 for their license. The BMV needs to be held accountable and Indiana residents deserve restitution,” stated Irwin Levin of Cohen & Malad, LLP.

Irwin Levin was interviewed by WRTV6 about this litigation.