Cohen & Malad, LLP files a nationwide class action against CVS for double-billing its customers for the price of prescription drugs. The Complaint alleges that CVS’s nationwide billing system double-bills the price of prescription drugs to CVS customers who have a high deductible health plan that is coupled with a health reimbursement account or health savings account (HSA) and who use a prescription drug coupon. CVS’s billing system isn’t equipped to handle this coordination of benefits, and as a result, CVS uniformly double-bills these customers––taking cash from the customer at the time of sale and then later taking cash from their HSA.

The class action lawsuit brings class action claims on behalf of all CVS customers who were double-billed the price of prescription drugs and seeks damages on behalf of those customers estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands across the country. For more information please contact David Cutshaw or Lynn Toops at 317-636-6481.