The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles lowered driver’s license fees on the eve of a mediation with Class Counsel from Cohen & Malad in a lawsuit filed for overcharging Hoosier drivers for operator’s licenses. The agency has admitted to overcharging Hoosiers and lowered the fees. However, attorneys for the Class state the fee reduction is not enough and continues to overcharge Indiana residents for operator’s licenses. Class attorneys contend that Indiana drivers are owed over $30 million in fees which were overpaid since at least 2007.

Irwin Levin of Cohen & Malad stated, “We’re always happy when our lawsuit motivates the state to follow the law. We wish they had reduced the fee more to comply with the law. We’re in mediation today and hope that the BMV will agree to give back the tens of millions of dollars they have illegally charged through the court and the watchful eye of Judge Welch.”