By: Daniel S. Chamberlain, Attorney

I spend a great deal of my time helping victims of traumatic brain injury and their families fight for justice. My work in this area of law has given me the opportunity to meet experienced physicians, neuropsychologists, neurologists, therapists and many other professionals who treat people who have suffered brain injuries. I believe my role as an advocate extends beyond the courtroom as I often share these resources with clients and potential clients who are seeking help. I am also proud to serve as the Chairman of the Board for the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) which was founded in 1980 to help survivors of brain injury and their caregivers. BIAA is a non-profit organization that offers educational programs and advocacy within state and federal legislatures to advance the care and support to victims of traumatic brain injury.

Did you know that BIAA offers a free webinar series to help people living with brain injury? The Butch Alterman Memorial Webinar Series was created to provide support and information for brain injury victims and their families. Butch Alterman was an elementary educator for 35 years. His classroom motto was “let me teach so I can quench your thirst for learning”. He believed that education was the key to shaping his young students. Through a generous gift from his wife, Maureen Alterman, the Butch Alterman Memorial Fund was created to keep alive the things that meant the most to Butch. Popular webinar topics include:

  • Realistic Hope After Brain Injury
  • Getting Back to Work
  • Understanding Social Security Disability
  • Strategies for Coping with “Brain Injured Moments”

Please visit the Brain Injury Association of America website to register for one of these informative webinars. If you have questions about other resources for victims of traumatic brain injury or if you have legal questions regarding a brain injury lawsuit, contact me. I’m happy to help.