Several University of North Carolina School of the Arts alumni have come forward to report sexual abuse while they studied dance as students at the university in the 1980s. The former students have filed a lawsuit against the university as well as some teachers including Richard Kuch and Richard Gain. The students allege these teachers regularly had inappropriate physical conduct with them including touching students’ breasts, buttocks, and groins under the guise of dance instruction. This is not the first time a lawsuit alleging sexual abuse against teachers Kuch and Gain has been filed. One former student filed a claim in 1995 which resulted in Kuch and Gain resigning from the school prior to a disciplinary hearing related to the sexual abuse claims.

If you were a University of North Carolina School of the Arts student and were a victim of sexual abuse, contact us. Our attorneys help sexual abuse survivors seek justice through the civil justice system and want to hear from you. It takes courage to report sexual abuse regardless of how long ago it was. We are here to listen and to advise you of your rights. There is no fee to speak with us and if you decide to pursue a case, our fees will be paid out of any settlement we secure for you.