Over the past several years, toning shoes have gained a great deal of attention. Early to market was Skechers, a shoe company that manufactured the toning shoe called Shape-ups. These shoes have a pronounced rocker bottom sole that creates instability for the wearer. Skechers states that the instability of the shoes causes the wearer’s muscles to work harder to stabilize, resulting in benefits such as muscle toning, shaping, and strengthening. These shoes have been marketed by Skechers by touting that this footwear will provide countless health benefits for the wearer including improved cardiac function and orthopedic enhancement.

It has been well established in medical literature that changing one’s gait can and does lead to chronic injuries. Consumer Reports recently reported a high number of serious injuries related to wearing toning shoes. Injuries such as stress fractures and joint, ligament, & tendon damage have occurred. Additionally, the instability that these shoes create for the wearer have caused people to fall which can lead to additional injuries.

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