A sixth death was reported as the fungal meningitis outbreak continues to sicken and kill patients who received tainted epidural steroid injections from the New England Compounding Center. Authorities have not stated which facility the patient had visited but did state that the person did not reside in Indiana. Six Indiana medical facilities had received the single-dose contaminated steroid injections from NECC: Ambulatory Care Center, LLC—Evansville, Fort Wayne Physical Medicine–Fort Wayne, OSMC Outpatient Surgery Center—Elkhart,South Bend Clinic–South Bend, Union Hospital–Terre Haute, & Wellspring—Columbus.

Patients have also begun reporting incidents of abscesses at the injection site. These inflammations have been accompanied by fever, headache, back pain, and pus collecting at the injection site. Another condition, arachnoiditis, has also been reported. Arachnoiditis is an inflammation of the membrane around the spinal cord which is signaled by numbness, tingling, and a burning pain in the lower back and legs. Patients experiencing any of these symptoms should seek medical care immediately.

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