The FDA announced a Class I recall for Cook Medical’s Zenith Alpha thoracic endovascular graft after the manufacturer stated blood clots may form inside the device. The endovascular graft is a device used  to repair blunt traumatic aortic injury (BTAI), which is defined as a tear or rupture in the main blood vessel that leads blood away from the heart. People involved in vehicle accidents and other incidents involving blunt force to the chest are at serious risk for this type of injury which can cause serious bleeding that can lead to death. The Zenith Alpha graft is used to ‘patch the tear’ in the blood vessel. This recall was issued after doctors reported patients who received these grafts suffered from blockages caused by blood clots forming in the devices.

If you or someone you know had a Zenith Alpha thoracic endovascular graft and suffered a serious injury after the device was implanted, contact us. Our product liability attorneys have litigated thousands of claims on behalf injured people against large medical device makers like Cook Medical. We can provide you with a free case evaluation and advise you of your legal rights and options.

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