Are you a patient who visited an emergency room and received bills with unexplained “visitation fees”? A proposed class action lawsuit Cohen & Malad, LLP just filed against University of Chicago-operated hospital system alleges it violated state laws by adding these undisclosed fees to emergency room patients. The billing practices are alleged to be secretive, and patients are charged the visitation fee on top of the total charges for services and treatment provided during their hospital visit.

The lawsuit alleges violations of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act, Medical Patient Rights Act, and Fair Patient Billing Act, seeking restitution and damages for emergency room patients and an injunction against UChicago Medicine. View the complaint here.

If you believe you have been charged these types of fees, contact us today. Our class action attorneys have valuable experience in getting people the compensation they deserve and are representing individuals involved in cases challenging surprise emergency room “visitation fees”. We can provide you with a no-cost case evaluation to assess your legal options today.