Marion, Indiana OB/GYN Dr. William David Moore has been suspended from practicing medicine by the state’s medical licensing board after allegations of sexual assault and misconduct during patient medical exams, including taking photographs without consent. Five women came forward to testify before the board about what they say happened to them inside Dr. Moore’s office. ISP Detective Joshua Maller states that approximately 50 women in total have made reports to the police relating to Dr. Moore’s OB/GYN practices. Read the full Petition for Summary Suspension here.

Cohen & Malad, LLP attorney and Sexual Abuse Practice Group Chair Greg Laker states, “Sexual assault perpetrators always do their best to avoid looking suspicious. Regrettably, Dr. Moore’s victims, who had put their trust in him, were unaware of the true nature of the photography and alleged assaults during what they believed to be routine health exams.”

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If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual misconduct from Dr. William Moore or any medical provider during an appointment or exam, contact Cohen & Malad, LLP today. Our team of doctor-on-patient attorneys is skilled in handling these types of unfortunate situations and can provide detailed guidance on your rights. You are not alone. Learn more about doctor-on-patient sexual abuse here.

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