Doctors and poison control experts warn parents of the danger that laundry gel packs and detergent pods pose to small children. Examples include Tide Pods and Purex UtraPacks. These brightly colored pods have a gummy texture which children easily mistake for candy. The containers that hold these pods are colorful and easy to open which also puts children at risk for injury.

The National Association of Poison Control Centers (NAPCC) reports almost 3,000 cases of kids becoming injured from laundry gel packs in the first half of this year alone. This highly concentrated form of detergent is particularly dangerous to small children. When a child bites into or swallows one of these detergent gel packs the injuries can range from chemical burns to the mouth, throat, and eyes to vomiting and respiratory problems.

Many small children who have ingested these detergent pods have required emergency medical attention and have been admitted into hospital intensive care units for treatment. If you think that your child has been exposed to a detergent gel pack, you should contact your local  poison control center and seek immediate medical attention.