Cohen & Malad, LLP has filed a civil law suit in McLean County, Illinois against Carle BroMenn Medical Center and McLean County Orthopedics alleging negligent supervision of Dr. Shaun Anthony Kink, a surgeon who repeatedly sexually assaulted his patient, Jane Doe, in 2019.

Jane Doe underwent an emergency surgery on her foot at Carle BroMenn after suffering a dog attack.  Jane Doe remained hospitalized at Carle BroMenn for approximately seven weeks following the procedure.  Kink, who performed Jane Doe’s surgery, repeatedly sexually abused Jane Doe in her hospital room and for weeks during her rehabilitation.  After Jane Doe was discharged from the hospital, Kink came to Jane Doe’s home and forced her to perform oral sex on him while she remained immobile and incapacitated.

Shaun Anthony Kink was arrested in January 2020 and charged criminally with four counts:  Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault against a person with a physical disability, a Class X Felony;  Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, a Class 2 Felony; Criminal Sexual Assault with use of force, a Class 1 Felony; and Criminal Sexual Abuse with use of force, a Class 4 Felony.    The criminal action against Kink is currently pending in McLean County.  The State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has suspended Kink’s medical license.

Cohen & Malad, LLP’s complaint on behalf of Jane Doe alleges both Carle BroMenn and McLean County Orthopedics failed to adequately protect Jane Doe from exploitation, neglect, and abuse while she was a patient at the hospital.

The sexual abuse litigation team at Cohen & Malad, LLP has been helping survivors of sexual abuse for over 25 years. If you or someone you know was a patient of Dr. Shaun Anthony Kink and was sexually assaulted or have concerns about the appropriateness of his medical treatment, contact us. Our attorneys have helped numerous survivors of sexual abuse and assault get on the path to healing by getting them the compensation they deserve.

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