Over 2 million gallons of gas were recalled on Monday August 20. BP claims the contaminated gas was distributed from its storage facilities in Whiting, Indiana and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The gasoline contains a higher level of polymeric residue which can lead to hard starting and other engine issues. The tainted gasoline was sold at over 200 gas stations across northwest Indiana and Chicago area including Costco, Thornton, and BP stores. Another 20 gas stations in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area also sold the contaminated fuel. A spokesperson from BP stated that the company has already received more than 7,000 phone calls from affected consumers who complained about engine problems and vehicle damage due to the contaminated gasoline.

The Indiana Attorney General has opened an investigation to ensure that BP handles consumers’ complaints quickly and completely. If you or someone you know purchased gasoline, contact us. Our class action lawyers are available to speak with you to discuss your legal rights and options regarding compensation for your damages.