July 2018 - Cohen & Malad, LLP

Nursing Home Understaffing Leads to Falls and Other Injuries

By: Ashley N. Hadler, Attorney Most nursing homes are operating without enough nursing staff. Staff members will often complain about having, β€œtoo many residents and too little time.” Family members visiting their loved ones often experience this first-hand through very slow response times to answer call lights or difficulty finding a nurse or nursing assistant… Continue Reading »

Home Renovation Projects: Purpose, Scope, and Notice of the Deceptive Consumer Sales Act- Part 2

By: Aaron J. Williamson, Attorney The DCSA has three broad purposes, which are to: β€œ(1) simplify, clarify, and modernize the law governing deceptive and unconscionable consumer sales practices; (2) protect consumers from suppliers who commit deceptive and unconscionable sales acts; and (3) encourage the development of fair consumer sales practices.” Ind. Code 24-5-0.5-1(b). The DCSA… Continue Reading »